Founder of OrganiZEN®

Suzie is a nationally recognized lifestyle transformation and mindful spaces coach. She is an intuitive energy healer, self awareness and meditation guide. She emboldens you to transform your home, office, career, relationships and life by creating mindful spaces to help you optimally flow in your everyday life. Experience stress-free living while being connected to the power of your inner harmony and calm confidence. 

Suzie's in-depth research, private coaching, workshops, continual education, and personal transformational experiences, have led to transformational discoveries on how to let go of clutter intuitively and peacefully, while simultaneously creating mindful spaces for what really matters. Her signature OrganiZEN® services empower and inspire you to eliminate your clutter blocks by getting to the root of the problems and the heart of the matter. Learn new intuitive organizing mindsets, habits and tools for sustaining mindfully organized and clutterfree spaces. Detox your clutter blocks with The 7 ClutterFREEDOMS to help you eliminate the mental, physical and emotional sources of anxiety, overwhelm and stress in your environments and your life.

"Clutter IS one of the quickest, most effective triggers for catalyzing positive life transformation." ~ Suzie Sandoval, Founder of OrganiZEN®

The heart of Suzie's mission is a belief that organization does not have to be hard but instead can be an inspiring, empowering and fun expression of who you truly are. She teaches mindful abundance practices with a minimalist approach (your needs are always satisfied first) to help you let go of what no longer serves and helps you manifest your intentions from your spaces. Experience transformation from the inside out working with Suzie, through her signature OrganiZEN® Services, Virtual Webinars, Programs and Events.  

"Often we recognize the need for greater self-care but struggle slowing down and simplifying a complex life. We live in a highly stimulating world filled with stress, clutter and noisy environments. It's easy to get pulled away from that which matters most to us...

A new mindset gives us freedom to create new space. This new space allows us to prepare for new endeavors and create the positive lasting changes we want to invite into our life. I absolutely love organizing and intertwining ZEN principles into everyday environments to create mindful spaces. I wish for everyone to experience the freedom, abundance and joys that come from living a conscious and clutter-free lifestyle." 
~ Suzie Sandoval, Founder of OrganiZEN®






  • Suzie is a member of the business advisory committee for University Of Phoenix, supporting the creation of a Master's program for Leaders and Entrepreneurship. 


  • Suzie is a wellness practitioner for Women's Plaza, focusing on organizing and energizing home and office environments, stress and anxiety relief strategies, self love and exquisite self care habits, creating sacred spaces, and achieving work-life harmony.





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"It's not about getting rid of things, it's about keeping what you love, embracing life moments and creating new spaces ~ filling them with what really matters."
~ Suzie Sandoval, Founder of OrganiZEN®


“Helping women overcome the barriers of stress is especially welcome, as many of them struggle to balance their work lives, home commitments and personal time. Your vision, ‘to enhance your life by replacing chaos and clutter with functional spaces and true life clarity; so that you live in harmony and spend your time on what matters most to you,’ was right on for our clients, as it would be for most women, I think.

Our members came away from your workshop determined to practice positive self-love and self-care practices each day, and to create a sacred space in their homes where they could be at peace. Comments on your workshop included:

• Best one yet!
• I absolutely loved this speaker! Great info!
• Suzie was really connected to meaningful priorities – that’s refreshing!
• I really appreciated the topic because I need to Declutter my life
• Suzie was personable and she’s got well-grounded, well thought out advice; she speaks to ‘every women’.
• This was a breakthrough for me. Bring her back.”

— Pamela Mason, Program Services Director, Dress for Success Oregon