The 7 ClutterFREEDOM'S By Suzie Sandoval



Discover the magic of how to use clutter as a catalyst for your positive life transformations.

How can you create space for what matters when you're not conscious to what's really blocking you? Congratulations for making an empowering decision to learn about the 7 ClutterFREEDOMS to improve the quality of your life, your relationships and your well being. Soon you will see you are not just clearing out the clutter, you are eliminating stagnant energy, toxic relationships and self-sabotaging habits from your life. You’re ridding your spaces of stress, like: anxiety, frustrations and negative draining energies. When you detox clutter from your life, you are freeing yourself to intentionally create a space that supports you feeling good, functioning and flowing in all aspects of your life.


Initially, when I began working with clients the focus was centered on diving straight into decluttering and organizing physical needs such as categorizing and containerizing belongings. I continued to witness clients get the results they wanted - a perfectly organized space - but not experiencing the results they needed such as habits, tools and training on how to sustain a conscious and clutter-free space.

It brings me joy seeing my clients succeed so when something is not working I go deeper to understand why. As I became more fascinated in how to help my clients create space for what matters, I became intrigued by how clutter affected modern women in their daily lives. In April 2015, I conducted interviews with powerful women who volunteered to open up and share how clutter was affecting their lives. I was blown away by what was shared. As I was seeing similarities in what these women were sharing, I soon discovered two things about Clutter. 1. What clutter actually is. 2. There are 7 aspects of clutter that block us in our lives and significantly affect our relationships and our wellbeing.


“I've discovered that clutter is anything that blocks your flow in life and the joy in you.”  

~Suzie Sandoval, Founder of OrganiZEN®

  • There are 7 types of clutter that block us in life, which include the physical, mental and emotional sources of stress. 
  • Clutter impacts our ability to eat, think, sleep, play, relax and feel good.
  • We need to feel good in our daily lives to be able to function and flow.
  • When you address one aspect of clutter it impacts all aspects of clutter.
  • If clutter is present it will block your freedom flow and abilities in these 7 aspects.


Discover your hidden super powers and true potential in life

through a process called ClutterFREEDOM.

Begin by identifying the areas you are feeling blocked:

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 5.36.13 PM.png

The ability to connect with your inspiration, passion and purpose. An innovative well-being.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 7.28.10 PM.png

The freedom to enjoy quality time with the people, places and things that matter. A positive well-being. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 7.39.50 PM.png

The ability to feel good, function and flow in your everyday surroundings. A harmonious well-being.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 7.39.19 PM.png

The ability to think, focus, process and articulate with clarity and confidence. A peaceful mental well-being.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 7.39.14 PM.png

The ability to feel, honor and creatively express your authentic feelings. A healthy emotional well-being.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 7.39.09 PM.png

The ability to make wise, conscious and empowered financial decisions. An abundance well-being.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 7.39.02 PM.png

The ability to create healthy relationships with people. A joyful well-being.

Which type(s) of clutter are holding you back

from living your best life?

Let's dive deeper with reflective questions to discern what's clutter has been holding you back in life. Submit your responses below.

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What happens when you let go of 99% of your belongings to make a dream come true?


November 30, 2016

Hello Magical Friend,

My name is Suzie Sandoval.

I’m the Founder of OrganiZEN® and...I AM The Ultimate OrganiZEN® Client.

Yes, I am just as much of a student of this divine transformational work as my OrganiZEN® and Soul ZEN clients are. I happen to be the extreme version so I can help my clients in many capacities live a conscious and clutter-free lifestyle.



After living in Portland, Oregon for 25 years and reaching my tipping point of heartbreak, burnout and a spiritual crisis, life delivered a synchronistic rendezvous meeting with one of my spiritual gurus, Teal Swan in which I received a beautiful blessing.  You see she's a phenomenal spiritual catalyst and I had been practicing her work for nearly 2 years which led to this connection to manifest. The experience created a nuclear explosion of my inner world. I had little I was attached or holding onto for the first time in my life.

When you feel like you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.

I decided to live out a bucket list dream of mine to road trip across the United States with the intention of seeking out a new home and place to establish my business. I am open to alternative lifestyles and am currently digging being inspired by the tiny house movement, the Van Life and experiencing the free spirit, soul nourishing, spontaneously simple and thrilling, adventurous aspects of myself come alive.

My daily morning mantra is, "Dear God, where will you have me go, what will you have me say, and to whom?"

I've surrendered my life completely to be in service to society and humanity and to learn more about why I'm here on this planet and what really matters to me. A spiritual journey to discover new truths about what life, home, success and relationships mean to me. This is a completely new experience for me to live this free and face my fears to new levels in life.

Yahoo, yowza, yowza, yippee kayae, boom chicka, laka, chicka laka, chicka boom, boom….AWESOMENESS!!!

As I sit here in my nearly empty studio tonight, nestled in the majestic beauty of the West Hills, in Portland, Oregon, right down the street from my best friend backroad Skyline Blvd., I look around and feel free, light, inspired and good with the remaining belongings I've chosen to best serve me in life, and most importantly my new lifestyle change endeavors. I've reduced my entire life belongings to what will fit into my car.

Now, fortunately luck is on my side because two weeks before my big move and road trip across the US, my car broke down and I had to buy a new one. Buying a new car was not my first choice but it's what ended up being the aligned choice that met my needs that I didn't even know I had! With my brand new Fiat 500X (I've never owned a new car before) it has a spacious hidden storage compartment so I'm able to keep my dressy & professional wardrobe now, phew!

I’m feeling extra sentimental tonight, not only because it’s the holiday season and I’m moving out of portland after living here for 25 years but also because I’m about to take a huge leap of faith in my life into the depths of the unknown; I'm learning how to follow my intuition, my heart and my angels and I'm allowing my dreams to come true! 

Now, I'm stepping into living a laptop lifestyle, a dream come true to work from anywhere in the world, providing profoundly exceptional services, getting paid to be me. 

I’ve reduced 99% of my belongings (I went paperless a few years ago which makes for easier travel and mobility) to answer this calling and make a bucket list dream come true. 

I could not have reached this epic point in my life without my friends, and the connections and resources available via the internet and social media. I love Oregon and I am grateful to have loving friends here and a place to call home. It's never easy to let go of what you love. I will think of Portland whenever it rains, wherever I go, as I will alway embrace, appreciate and love rainy days. 

I’m calling my road trip journey, "My Date With Destiny". Yes, it is inspired by Tony Robbins, for all ya’ll Tony Robbins raving fans out there. I'll be experiencing dates with myself in new ways, for all ya'll Julia Cameron, The Artist Way raving fans out there.

Tomorrow, December 1st, 2016, I'm moving out of Portland officially, with no final destination yet determined. My home IS where my heart takes me. I’ll be heading down to the San Francisco Bay Area where I grew up, visiting friends and getting grounded back into my roots. 

I’ll also be providing my services (virtually and in person) all along the way. Stay connected and inspired on facebook, instagram, youtube and my blogs, as I take you along with me bringing the magic of OrganiZEN to you all across the US!

ZEN blessings to you, 

May all your dreams come true,


~Suzie Sandoval


My 240 square foot Studio nestled up in the west hills in Portland, Oregon. I loved living in this location, centrally located - perfecto for an all over town commuter like myself - and walking distance to the beautiful rose garden, Washington Park, the Zoo, the light rail Max station, and NW 23rd and downtown are minutes away. Including access to amenities like a pool, hot tub, fitness center, sauna and awesome hiking walking right my door. It's crazy to move from but I'm beyond overdue for really answering my true callings! 
Today, I look out my window and I see the weather here is covering us with gray foggy clouds with drizzling rain, rainbow trees and lush greenery all around.


For my Date With Destiny road trip across the US. I've been getting lots of questions about my downsizing process so I thought I'd share my progress. Here's what I'm down to and it still feels like too much. I just can't bring myself to let go my scarves, mittens and hats. One bag is designated for my accessories! Ha, ha! It's crazy but 240sq ft of stuff felt like too much. I can't believe how many things I've let go and donated.

It's really fascinating to really see what I actually need in life.


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.53.58 PM.png





I'd love to hear your shares below.
I believe there is great power in dreaming out loud. ~ Suzie ;)