MONEY FREEDOM: How To Monetize Your Brilliance

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"When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us."

~ Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way


  • ClutterFreedom™ #6:  Money Freedom is an abundance well being and is the sixth freedom to reclaim power back into our lives.
  • Money freedom is the ability to make wise, conscious and empowered financial decisions to achieve ultimate wealth, abundance, fortune and prosperity. 


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  • What is your relationship with money?
  • Are you ready to clear your money freedom blocks?
  • Can you invite abundance, wealth and prosperity into your life with ease and flow doing what you love?

One of my most favorite and memorable ways I first learned how to tune into the my Money Freedom Flow, was in a workshop facilitated by my friend, Shannon Kaiser, Best Selling Author, Travel Writer and Founder of Play With The World.

During one of her workshop activities she taught us how to develop a child-like wonder view with our relationship with money. Prior to this prosperity workshop Shannon hid money throughout the venue. She then set a timer during her presentation and encouraged us to go play and find money. And the money we found we got to keep! Bonus!

It was such a delightful and positive memorable experience with money that it created a new mental shift for me. At any time, I could tap into the memory of feeling the delight of finding money and be reminded that money really can show up in surprisingly, new unexpected ways.

Too often we are complaining about not having enough money or stressing about how to pay our bills on time, being broke and trying to figure out how to allocate the money we do have to get the most out of it. Too often we're reliving the experience of feeling like there isn't enough to go around. These are all sources of money stress, worry, fears and anxieties and contribute to money clutter.

It is my intention in this blog, to provide you with multiple new skills to shift your limited money mindsets into how you can monetize your brilliance in new ways. 

For this to work, it's essential you have an open mind and have the faith and conviction to withstand the many temptations that come your way and not let challenges deter you from achieving your dreams. Many people have the best intentions to transform their habits but when the going gets tough can revert back to familiar ways and are unable to move past their old stories, which are old versions of who we were.

To persevere these important hurdles, I'm going to share with you wisdom, activities and insights to let go of fear based beliefs and limitations that get in the way of living your dreams and have defined your identity and shaped your life up until now. You'll reframe your old story to create new inner mental spaces to create a fortune filled, financially freeing, future ahead!

Let's get started!


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  • Spending money unconsciously and in ways that are out of alignment with your values.
  • Feeling guilty about your spending habits.
  • Focusing on not having enough money.
  • Equating money to your self worth.
  • High stress is triggered when thinking about money.
  • Hoarding money as a fear mechanism to avoid losing it.
  • Drowning in Debt, feeling imbalanced with your income and expenses.
  • Not paying bills on time or honoring money service contracts.


  • Chasing "wants" through spending habits
  • Reactive vs proactive spending
  • Spending money (emotionally) when you don't have it
  • Buying things you already have but can't find
  • Debt, incoming unexpected bills
  • Lacking a budget or money management system
  • Money clutter manifests into physical clutter reflecting the money spent on non-essentials


People who:

  • are living in survival mentalities, a inner world of not enough-ness.
  • are lacking positive money beliefs, skills and habits.
  • work extremely hard and receive little in return.
  • spend frivolously, shopaholics.


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“Before you start feeling bad about yourself for your debt, this would be a good moment to remind yourself that money doesn't exist--it's just a system of value exchange. That's it. Pure and simple. So, if you have debt, you've received value and you've not given the equivalent value back to the particular party in the exchange yet. That's all it means. It doesn't mean you're a bad person. It doesn't mean you're a screwup. You're not hopeless. You're not a mess. You simply have more value to give.” 

~ Kate Northrup, Money, A Love Story: Untangling Your Finances, Creating the Life You Really Want, and Living Your Purpose


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Take some time and begin assessing your story and beliefs around money.

These questions will allow for limited beliefs to arise, contemplate and release.

  • What is your earliest memory about money?
  • What were you taught about money?
  • Describe significant money related events in your life.
  • If money was a person how would you describe your relationship with it?
  • I'd have more money if...
  • Money equals...
  • If I could afford it, I'd...
  • I'm afraid that if I had money I would...
  • In order to have more money I need to...
  • Being broke teaches me...
  • If I had money freedom, I'd...



Notice the limited beliefs that arise from your money story. Make a list of your limited beliefs so you can begin reframing them. Here are some examples to get you started.

  • Limiting belief: I can barely pay my bills.

Reframe Example: I am grateful for having money to pay my bills. I'm learning how to strategize and resource my money to make the most out of what I'm working with. I am being reminded to trust money will be here when I need it.

  • Limiting belief: I work so hard and I'm still broke. 

Reframe Example: I am learning valuable lessons about what really matters to me in life and how to enjoy life without spending money.

  • Limiting belief: Just when I start to have extra money come in, an unexpected expense arises.

Reframe Example: I'm learning humility, faith, patience and trust. I value things even more so when I have to be patient. 

  • Limiting belief: I can't take a vacation because I can't afford to.

Reframe Example: I'm learning how to create a space in my life where I feel like I'm on vacation.


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Human beings are magnets and power sources of energy. How you interact with money really starts with the energy you radiate out. The key question then isn't "how do I make more money?" but "what energy am I putting out about money?"

The energy money brings to its relationship with you will be a perfect reflection of your most deeply held beliefs on prosperity and abundance.

A lack of money is typically associated with thoughts of scarcity. These cause you to unconsciously behave in ways that perpetuate scarcity. For example, did you pursue a career that promised money or one that allowed expression of your interests and desires? Choosing a career guided purely by financial goals instead of passion is an act of scarcity, not abundance.

Why do you want more money? Do you desire it so you can express yourself more and add to the lives of others or is it so you can hoard it and increase your sense of security? Different motivations bring a different energy to your relationship with money and affect your ability to manifest more of it.

To cultivate the prosperity mindset, ensure the energy you give to money is positive.

The Law of Giving & Receiving By The Deepak Chopra Center

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The universe operates through dynamic and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.

I will put the Law of Giving and Receiving into effect by making a commitment

to take the following steps:

  1. Wherever I go, and whomever I encounter, I will bring them a gift. The gift may be a compliment, a flower, or a prayer. Today, I will give something to everyone I come into contact with, and so I will begin the process of circulating joy, wealth, and affluence in my life and in the lives of others.
  2. Today I will gratefully receive all the gifts that life has to offer me. I will receive the gifts of nature: sunlight, the sound of birds singing, spring showers, or the first snow of winter. I will also be open to receiving from others, whether it be in the form of a material gift, money, a compliment, or a prayer.
  3. I will make a commitment to keep wealth circulating in my life by giving and receiving life’s most precious gifts: the gifts of caring, affection,  appreciation, and love. Each time I meet someone, I will silently wish them happiness, joy, and laughter.


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"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

~Henry David Thoreau

What if...

  • you always had more than enough money for what matters in your life
  • money always showed up when you needed it the most
  • your money allowed you to invest in what you enjoy
  • money allowed you to say no to doing things you don't want to do
  • money shows up in new surprising ways every day
  • you could change someone's life with your money

What if you knew you were being given (no strings attached) 1 billion dollars in 30 days?

  • What would you do between now and 30 days?
  • How would you begin to spend your 1 billion dollars?
  • How would you receive the most joy from this 1 billion dollars?


"When you make a difference with what you have, it expands."

~ Lynne Twist, The Soul Of Money

The Universe won’t provide you with more until you show that you’re already doing great with what you’ve got. Create a strong, loving container paying loving attention to the money we already have is the first step to making more of it.

The first step is NOT, in fact, any of the following: going out there and hustling more, working more hours, pouring all of your creative fuel into a new business, or proving to your boss or your clients that you deserve a raise. What a relief!

The first step is simply paying attention to what you already have in a loving way.


  1. Check your bank account balance every morning and give some gratitude for what you’ve got.
  2. Line up all the bills in your wallet in numerical order, with the Presidents all facing the same direction (ideally toward you when you pull out a bill).
  3. Track your income in a way that feels good to you.

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1. Make a list of Money Freedom Words. Write them down or print a list of words that light you up and connect you with feeling wealthy and abundant. Place this list somewhere you will see daily.

  • EPIC
  • FLOW

2. Choose affirmations that resonate with you and read at the start of each new day.

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Wealth Affirmations - THE UNIVERSE HAS MY BACK

  • There is abundance in the Universe and I whatever I desire, I can manifest
  • I live in a world of abundance and prosperity
  • Everyone deserves to be wealthy, including me
  • The universe showers me with abundance everyday
  • I fully open myself up to receive prosperity from the universe
  • Prosperity is circulating in my life. It flows to me in abundantly
  • I am creative and resourceful and have all the abilities I need to succeed
  • I efficiently make use of my time each day

Wealth Affirmations - I AM A MONEY MAGNET

  • I pull money towards me. It's magnetic to me
  • My income is continually increasing
  • An abundance of money comes to me easily and effortlessly
  • I contribute to the world in a meaningful way and am paid back a thousand- fold
  • I manage my money and other resources wisely
  • Abundance and good fortune is coming into my life in the present moment
  • I allow unlimited prosperity and money to flow to me everyday
  • Wealth in the form of money comes to me naturally
  • I am an excellent giver and an excellent receiver of money


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Wealth Affirmations - I AM OPEN TO RECEIVE

  • I persistently act and move toward my goals. I work for the good of all
  • All my relationships are based on integrity and respect
  • Ideas are now coming to me that will help me to achieve my dreams
  • I am always positive, prosperous-minded and filled with self-confidence
  • I am becoming the person I want to be and I am enthusiastically achieving my goals
  • All my needs, desires, and goals are met
  • I can be, do and have everything I desire
  • I love being wealthy and I share it with the world
  • Whatever I can put my mind to, I can achieve
  • I see every new day as a positive adventure
  • I am creating the life of my dreams
  • I am wealthy beyond even my wildest dreams
  • I am grateful for everything I have achieved

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"The best way to ensure an ongoing flow of abundance into your life is to share with others the wealth you receive"

~ Jack Canfield