"Clutter IS anything that blocks your flow in life and the joy in you."

~ Suzie Sandoval, Professional Organizer and Founder of OrganiZEN®



This 60 minute session is live, in-person and hands on, for immediate clutter relief. 


This 30 Day Virtual Program provides you with solid foundations for creating a mindfully organized space. 


This 90 Day Virtual Program gets to the root of your clutter to create multiple mindfully organized spaces.

  • Discover your compelling vision.
  • 30 Day Organizing Action Plan
  • Kickstart your momentum to reach your organizing goals.
  • Immediately remove what no longer belongs in your space.
  • Learn how to let go with peace and confidence.
  • Implement intuitive systems for ease and flow.
  • Experience a clutterfree space.
  • 4 - 50 Minute Private Virtual Sessions
  • 30 Day Organizing Action Plan
  • New Space Assessment
  • Weekly challenges to collaborate and transform your space.
  • Manifest more of what you want to create from your space.
  • ClutterFREEDOM Toolkit Included.
  • 'Celebrate Success' text support.
  • Experience a clutterfree space.
  • Receive training for sustainability.
  • 12 - 50 Minute  Private Virtual Sessions
  • 90 Day Organizing Action Plan
  • Whole Living Assessment
  • Weekly challenges to collaborate and transform your space.
  • ClutterFREEDOM Toolkit Included.
  • "Celebrate Success" text support.
  • Experience clutterfree living.
  • Receive training for sustainability.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Assessments, articles and activities.
  • Learn new mindsets, habits and tools.
  • Find what you're looking for in a minute.
  • Develop Organizing Skills





"I came into our session feeling stuck. Suzie guided me through a process of separating the issues so that I can have a vision of where I'm actually heading and that I'm right on track in the process! The internal clutter is getting peeled away to help clear the external clutter." ~ Kim,  Operations Manager
“Suzie’s services go beyond professional organizing. Her methods encompass teaching her clients how to overcome disorganization by making the connection between our psyche and the spaces we live in.” ~ Tammy Frias, Small Business Owner
"It was no question that Suzie's calling is to help her clients find freedom, whether it's spatially, spiritually, or organizationally. I was in need of Suzie's expertise after I purchased a fully furnished office space. I wanted this office space to be a reflection of me from the minute someone walked in the door. I was feeling so frustrated about the space until Suzie came in. I felt that she truly cared about seeing me succeed, and found ways to help me on that path. The thing I loved most about working with Suzie is that she helped me repurpose things already in my office. With some simple rearranging, the office felt completely different; it is now brighter, more cohesive, and feels personal. I am so grateful for her help!"
~Stephanie Tolonen D.C., M.S., Co-Founder At Active Oregon Chiropractic
Working with Suzie has changed my life. She has helped me overcome a lifetime (bad) habit around paper clutter, at a significant point in my business where I could not afford to struggle with disorganization anymore. It was a habit I tried to break several times, without sustainable progress. Suzie not only taught me the systems to keep me clutter free, but she also helped me see the childhood roots of my issue and let go of them. She perfectly balanced the practical and emotional and NEVER judged me for struggling in this area. Not only am I proud to have developed this new way of being, I now LOVE organization! I am addicted! Thank you Suzie for uncovering the REAL me, that was hidden under all of those loose papers. I am so grateful!
~ Danielle Ross, CEO at Brand You Business