Be inspired, create space and elevate your life.  

Working with Suzie has changed my life. She has helped me overcome a lifetime (bad) habit around paper clutter, at a significant point in my business where I could not afford to struggle with disorganization anymore. It was a habit I tried to break several times, without sustainable progress. Suzie not only taught me the systems to keep me clutter free, but she also helped me see the childhood roots of my issue and let go of them. She perfectly balanced the practical and emotional and NEVER judged me for struggling in this area. Not only am I proud to have developed this new way of being, I now LOVE organization! I am addicted! Thank you Suzie for uncovering the REAL me, that was hidden under all of those loose papers. I am so grateful!
~ Danielle Ross, CEO at Brand You Business
“Suzie’s services go beyond professional organizing. Her methods encompass teaching her clients how to overcome disorganization by making the connection between our psyche and the spaces we live in.” ~ Tammy Frias, Small Business Owner
For years I would dread walking past my boys bedroom, let alone putting clean laundry away in their chaotic closet and overstuffed drawers was an even greater dread.  I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years trying to figure out how to make four little boys share one space.  Finally, my husband decided the ONLY solution was to demolish our home and rebuild with a couple of extra bedrooms. Not wanting to deal with the drama of a remodel, I looked for another solution.  Once I met Suzie, I knew that she was my solution.  Suzie took the time to get to know my children, their personalities, and the busy rhythm of our lives.  Quickly she created a closet system that eliminated over stuffed dresser drawers which instantly gave the bed room more space.  Everything is perfectly organized into individual quarters for each boy and they/we LOVE it!  Having a beautifully organized closet makes putting clean laundry away soooo much easier.  Most importantly, we are not going to demolish our home and start over. Suzie has taught us that by creating order and function we can love and start over in our current space.
~ Angela Maitland, CEO of The Diamond Tea
My music studio space is transformed! Before enrolling in Suzie's 90-day program I rarely went in my studio to work, it had become a storage bin for my business. Now my studio is free of clutter, organized, and it calls to me and is an inspiring space where I can be productive, and create my music. 
~ Neil Mattson, CEO at Montavilla Guitar Studio
You get me energized! 
I've been impressed with Suzie's ability to provide on-the-spot suggest solutions to my problems. She has a way of slowing things down in order for feelings and ideas to process to their truth and potential. I look forward to continuing my life changing work with Suzie by my side as my inspiration, coach, and even me prodder. With Suzie, I get things done. 
~ Diane Nelson, Stay At Home Mother
With Suzie's support, I was able to look deeply at why I was hanging onto certain things and then experience how freeing it is to let go. After working with Suzie, I feel happier and like I have more time for what really matters in my life. Plus, Suzie is a joy and working with her is so much fun!
~ Nevin Mays, Project Manager