Get ready to feel peaceful, productive and inspired, in your new space.!

 Here are tips to help you get the most value from our time together.

  • How long your project takes and costs depends on many factors.  These include your ability to make decisions, your ability to manage interruptions during our time together, and your follow through on work done between sessions.  I will provide you with guidance for your highest good to help you successfully achieve your goals. 
  • I will clarify and confirm with you what you'd like to accomplish during each session.  This ensures that the time we spend together is as valuable and effective for you as possible
  • You don't have to always decide ahead of time what type of work we will be doing in your sessions.  Sometimes you'll need productivity support, sometimes we'll need to dig in and organize your stuff, and sometimes it will serve you best to coach around issues that are bogging you down. Each session is customized to your particular needs and challenges. 


Don't feel compelled to "fix things" before I come; it helps to see how you are currently functioning in your space.  Keep in mind, I will be seeing your space from my unique non-judgmental perspective; I’ve been in hundreds of home and office spaces throughout my career.

  • Notepad & Pen
  • Garbage Bags (Paper / Plastic)
  • Empty Containers, Tupperware, Ziplock Bags
  • Boxes (shoe boxes & moving are ideal)
  • Tissue paper for breakable/ delicate items to be sorted or donated


  • You will need access to the internet, computer and a phone, tablet or computer video camera.
  • Virtual Sessions are offered via Skype, Google Hangout and ZOOM.
  • Have earphones, a notepad and pen ready for your session.