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FACEBOOK: Live with Suzie Sandoval at 11am (PST)

Lifestyle Transformation & Epic, Mindful Space Magician

IDEAL FOR: Mission Driven Entrepreneurs & people who are inspired by a compelling inner calling to follow your Soul aligned, passion and purpose in life.

Join me in this special series brought to you by OrganiZEN®, as we embark upon an epic journey of self discovery together, called ClutterFREEDOM™. 

Each week, I'll share with you ZEN wisdom and reality hacking magic tricks for catalyzing positive transformation in multiple aspects of your life.

  •  Eliminate the clutter, dysfunction and excess that is sabotaging your success, wealth and flow in your career life.
  • Be ultra efficient, fiercely focused and radically productive.
  • Create an epic, office space, where you will manifest your magic - your highest potential career life outcomes.

If you are ready to make epic changes in your business, career and life, then you will find these LIVE EVENTS to be extremely valuable. I dare you to live to your highest potentials in life. It begins with a compelling vision and a new epic, mindful space.


Live w/SoulZENSuzie

Sunday's in May at 7pm (PST)

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IDEAL FOR: Light Workers, Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and anyone who feels they "should be" meditating but don't know how to get started, what to do, and want to experience a new practice that is profoundly simple, effective and inspiring.

Join us in this special series brought to you by OrganiZEN®, where you will learn how to begin mastering your epic, mental abilities.

  • Learn how to meditate with simple breathing exercises, meditations and mantras.
  • Discover your epic imagination with powerful guided visualizations.
  • Create a consistent weekly practice to calm your extraordinary mind.

Enjoy a lunchtime break, like no other - from the privacy of your own space, that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to support you living to your highest potentials.