I'm thrilled to announce brand new virtual organizing events are coming soon!


OrganiZEN® was inspired because I was exceptional at organizing all my life and it brought me peace in chaos, and newfound happiness and success in my life. I've been working with clients for nearly a decade and I'm passionate about sharing this new creative, mindful approach to organizing with ease and enjoyment. Now, all this will be accessible to you and others worldwide. I combine professional organization with life & soul coaching for a full support service and a unique holistic approach to getting organized for good. You'll love my on the spot new perspectives and techniques for creating mindful spaces to transform your life.

I absolutely love organizing and seeing my clients follow their passions, purpose and dreams by seeing the empowering aspects of what clutter is representing in my client’s lives. Clients have organized their homes to better connect with their families and themselves, office spaces are organized to elevate careers, in essence my greatest joy comes from working with clients to remove what is blocking them from living the live they desire.

Our environments either support us in our growth or hold is back.

I love witnessing the confidence, peace and freedom my clients experience with OrganiZEN®. 99.9% of my clients after one session are energized, motivated and inspired to get organized. (The missing percentage is for clients who are not open minded to trust their process.)

It brings me great excitement to provide OrganiZEN® to you virtually!