It's not about getting rid of things,  it's about keeping what you love, to make space for what matters.

As a busy working mom, I had a few spaces in my home that needed some organizing. Not only did Suzie help me organize the spaces, but she helped me to implement a system to KEEP them organized. She asked key questions to come up with a system that works for my thought process and my lifestyle.
— Elaine Kozloski, National Corporate Trainer
I have spent more years worrying about getting organized then doing anything about it because it was so overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start! Suzie helped me go through years of piled up paperwork and created a dining room where my son and I could finally sit and dine together. Suzie has helped me to get motivated and enjoy my new space, which also gives me more time with my 5-year-old son!
— Aura Couch, Single Mama
I’ve been impressed with Suzie’s ability to provide on-the-spot suggest solutions to my problems. She has a way of slowing things down in order for feelings and ideas to process to their truth and potential. I look forward to continuing my life changing work with Suzie by my side as my inspiration, coach, and even me prodder. With Suzie, I get things done.
— Diane Nelson, Stay At Home Mom
I was familiar with Suzie’s work but up until the day I reached out to her I never had thought that I would find myself admitting that I needed the support of a professional organizer. I have always prided myself on being a highly organized and low maintenance person. The biggest relief is I now have is a pro to lead me to a greater place of serenity and organization and hold me accountable to make it happen, and help me along the way when I get stuck in life. What a gift!
— Katie Kelley, People Development Director At Keen Footware
I am loving my defined ClutterFREEDOM Spaces. I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore. I feel empowered.
— Laurie Roberge, Preparing For Retirement
“It’s rare to come across a person who cares so much about their clients well-being. Suzie took the time to really understand HOW we live in our home and how things can get out of control quickly. She has an amazing ability to listen, understand, and empathize with mothers and children. She doesn’t judge...instead, she makes me feel empowered to create a calm, organized home for my family.
— Jessica Smith Daniels, CEO Jessica Smith Daniels Photography
I am so grateful for the work Suzie Sandoval did with me in organizing my garage. While the intention was to purge and clean and sort so I could make sense of the space and utilize it more efficiently, it helped me beyond that. In the midst of the project, we determined we would sell our home. Having spent the time organizing with Suzie prepared the garage for great presentation for potential buyers.

The practices Suzie taught me helped me throughout the rest of my house when preparing it to sell. I took each room and purged, packed and sorted with efficiency that allowed the preparation to be methodical, not to mention the clarity I had as I undertook an otherwise stressful situation: moving.

One of the most impressive aspects of Suzie’s style is her respect for her client’s time. She is personable and easy to talk with. It would have been easy to be distracted in conversation and lose track of our mission. But each day, she started a timer and stayed on task. That is very uncommon with service providers, and I so appreciated her awareness of not only her time, but also mine.
— Joni Thurber
Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.08.17 AM.png
For years I would dread walking past my boys bedroom, let alone putting clean laundry away in their chaotic closet and overstuffed drawers was an even greater dread. I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years trying to figure out how to make four little boys share one space. Finally, my husband decided the ONLY solution was to demolish our home and rebuild with a couple of extra bedrooms. Not wanting to deal with the drama of a remodel, I looked for another solution. Once I met Suzie, I knew that she was my solution. Suzie took the time to get to know my children, their personalities, and the busy rhythm of our lives. Quickly she created a closet system that eliminated over stuffed dresser drawers which instantly gave the bed room more space. Everything is perfectly organized into individual quarters for each boy and they/we LOVE it! Having a beautifully organized closet makes putting clean laundry away soooo much easier. Most importantly, we are not going to demolish our home and start over. Suzie has taught us that by creating order and function we can love and start over in our current space.
— Angela Maitland, CEO of The Diamond Tea


Sessions may include common spaces such as:

  • Kitchens
  • Kid's Rooms
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Sacred Spaces
  • Arts & Craft Spaces
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets & Wardrobes
  • Entryways



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