FEEL GOOD, invite what you want into your life by energizing your everyday spaces.

FUNCTION efficiently while calming the chaos of  clutter, disorganization and stress in your life.

FLOW smoothly everyday with simplicity, sustainability and success. 

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Clutter Magic Sessions provide you with immediate relief and results. Personalized, hands on support with a success now action plan to help you achieve your organizing  goals. Value pack sessions are available for additional savings. 

Create a new vision for your space for what's possible

Be empowered to decide what matters

Remove what no longer belongs in the space

Establish homes and zones for efficiency


  • First, we become aware of your space. A ZEN Space Assessment will help you identify the challenges and opportunities of your current space.
  • Next, you'll learn the power purge system to instantly let go of what no longer belongs in your space.
  • Then we'll begin organizing by decluttering, creating homes and zones and containing your belongings.
  • Finally we'll create support for sustainability with a follow up session.


“As a busy working mom, I had a few spaces in my home that needed some organizing. Not only did Suzie help me organize the spaces, but she helped me to implement a system to KEEP them organized. She asked key questions to come up with a system that works for my thought process and my lifestyle. ”

— Elaine Kozloski, National Corporate Trainer

“I have spent more years worrying about getting organized then doing anything about it because it was so overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start! Suzie helped me go through years of piled up paperwork and created a dining room where my son and I could finally sit and dine together. Suzie has helped me to get motivated and enjoy my new space, which also gives me more time with my 5-year-old son!”

— Aura Couch, Single Working Mom

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Clutter Magic 90 Day Program gets to the root of your clutter for good.  Create new inspiring spaces to feel good, function and flow. It's time step into the magic and take life to the next level. 

  • Feel supported. A 90 Day Clutter Magic Coaching program personalized for you
  • Feel creative. Weekly Sessions to collaborate and create a new space together
  • Feel inspired. A Whole Living Assessment will help you determine which space will have the most impact in your life right now.
  • Feel empowered. A ZENergie Reading to set a powerful intention for your new ZEN space. Experience new ways to infuse color and mindfulness into your everyday life to manifest your intentions from your space.
  • Feel accomplished. A 90 Day ZEN Action Plan, this step-by-step implementation strategy allows you to focus and follow through on prioritized, impactful actions. 
  • Feel confident. Unlimited email support and "Celebrate Success" Texts included in this 90 day package.
  • Feel abundant. Receive a Clutter Magic Wallet Card to create clutterFREE habits on the go.


Schedule your Clutter Magic Consultation to get started today. 



Two day, live, in-person, hands-on organizing

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10 To ZEN Experience (Part 1) sets your foundation for the mindful implementation of creating your ZEN space.  

This simple 10-step spiritual ritual will help you tap into your inner organizer and clear your space once it begins to feel overcrowded and uncomfortable.  

  • Be mindful. Receive a space clearing and blessing to set your intention and invite good energy into your space.
  • Be open. A guided Journey Into ZEN Meditation opens your imagination to support a new compelling vision for your space. 

  • Be empowered to notice connections between your spaces and the areas or your life you like to see change.

  • Be free. Eliminate your clutter blocks, identify which of The 7 Aspects of Clutter is blocking your flow in life. 
  • Be confidently calm. Create new future outcomes by reducing stress, worry, anxiety and distractions from your space. 
  • Be inspired. Ditch the shame, it's time to feel good in your everyday environments again.

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Power ZEN Experience (Part 2) Power through your clutter as we create new homes, zones, systems and spaces together; find what you need in under a minute.

  • Feel good about letting go of clutter by mastering The 3 ZEN Steps To Letting Go.
  • Feel abundant indulging in the creation of what you desire and deserve. 
  • Feel accomplished finishing what you start.
  • Feel blessed as we close The ZEN Experience with gratitude. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude allows us to cultivate more of what we authentically desire.


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