Welcome to Soul ZEN. Soul ZEN is designed for soul seekers who aspire to align with your passion and purpose, cultivate your divine gifts, create healthy relationships with yourself and the people, places and things in your everyday life. 

Soul ZEN is a journey into the inner world of your heart, mind and soul. Experience a safe, supportive space to explore the hidden aspects of your authentic self. It's time to step into magic, discover your truths and transform your dreams into reality. Enjoy heart and mind aligned activities to creatively express your dreams, desires and unique perspectives. Become empowered to transform the areas of your life you've been hiding from. You deserve to live the life you've been longing to manifest. 

Learn how to communicate with the language of your soul. Observe your racing mental thoughts. Discover limitations that have been holding you back from living your dreams out loud. Consciously create future outcomes. Be empowered to connect with the language of your soul through visual art collaging, storytelling and intuitive development techniques facilitated by yours truly, SoulZEN Suzie, Founder of Soul ZEN.

"You deserve to live the life you've been longing to manifest."

~Suzie Sandoval, Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healer


CREATE your Soul ZEN Cards to connect with your Soul Power

DISCOVER hidden aspects of authentic self

EVOLVE into who you aspire to be

Your Soul ZEN Cards will always divinely guide and support you in life. With each new card you create, you will set a power intention. Invoking this intention brings newfound awareness and insights into the areas of your life and aspects of yourself that are blocking manifestation. Upon creating your Soul ZEN Card, you will begin to form a deck. Your deck, much like oracle cards will connect you with your higher self and the language of your Soul. 

Experience is not required.

Openness, trust, and imagination are encouraged.



Miracles are means of organizing different levels of consciousness. ~ A Course In Miracles


Simply complete the form below to receive a FREE Consultation to learn how Soul ZEN can help you transform your dreams into reality. We'll create a blueprint for identifying the aspects of life you long to manifest. I'll provide you with a blessing and my best recommendation for how we can work together to best support your soul's journey in life.

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"Creative visualization is real.  It’s a powerful force that works to shape future outcomes."

~ Harvard Medical School


"As you become more clear about who you really are, you'll be able to decide what is best for you - the first time around." 

~ Oprah Winfrey


"I think of creativity as my most valuable asset.  It is my wealth." 

~ Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way


Soul ZEN is the most unique, eye opening, and relevant method of self- inquiry that I have ever experienced. Suzie masterfully and patiently guides you through this powerful work without judgment or pressure. I believe the applications for Soul ZEN are limitless! It has helped me to ask myself the right questions, and gives me a perspective into my life and my heart that I have never before experienced. It feels better than therapy and deeper than a conversation with your closest friend. It is compatible with any faith, and you will crave coming back again and again for more Soul ZEN workshops. That’s what Soul ZEN is- an experience that will provide long lasting insight into your heart’s desires and fears, and can help you transform the areas in your life that you are seeking balance and power in.
— Kara W.
Reawaken the spark of creativity within as you take a journey along your Soul’s inner pathways. Soul ZEN is a deeply personal, yet extremely fun and practical tool for personal growth. Suzie is a wonderful instructor; her enthusiasm and compassion truly shines from within as she guides others along this journey of self-awareness. I love everything about Soul ZEN; the process, the creation, the manifestation of the cards themselves. I love them because they were created for me, by me. I use them every day; I am truly grateful for the insights that my cards help to bring into my conscious awareness. Thank you, Suzie, for sharing your gifts and talents with others! Keep spreading the Light!
— Melissa W.
Soul ZEN is a catalyst to uncover hidden fears and resistance keeping us from taking the risks necessary to get "unstuck" from our ruts. I was surprised to discover some photos gave me an instant "negative" feeling. These were the ones I knew I needed to learn from. The cards tell a story. "They help us move through areas of our lives that are blocking freedom of expression, both internally and to the world. As we grow, so do the cards we create. Thank you for this uplifting and fun way to express new paradigms." ~ Lynn D