The ZEN Plan is a 7 - Week workshop designed for entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, healers, hobby enthusiasts and coaches. Create your business plan model and strategy to build a solid foundation for business growth and lasting success. Enjoy a business and a life you love, getting paid to be you. 

It takes tremendous courage to follow where your innate gifts lead...Venturing out into the unfamiliar territory, forging a path that is wholly your own and not mapped out by someone else.
— Lisa Sonora Beam

A visual plan for organically growing your business

  • 7 - week virtual workshop with private coaching
  • Activities inspire insight, passion and purpose
  • Exercises engage your left and right brain abilities

What to expect:

  • ZEN Business Plan consultation
  • Course binder (including workshop materials and activity sheets)
  • Pre-course check in
  • Weekly activities and challenges
  • 1 - hour weekly Hot Topic calls

Explore the Hot Topics of your business:

  • Prioritize your values
  • Channel the spirit of your business
  • Learn to easily identify your ideal audience
  • Decide how you want to share your message with the world
  • Identify the partnerships you need to elevate your life
  • Outline financial needs for your dreams to succeed
  • Organize a plan for success.
Business is more about emotions that people care to admit. It’s time to put the passion for work and the joy of creation back into business.
— Danielle Kahneman, Nobel Prize Winning Behavioral Economist

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I am astounded by Suzie’s incredible skills as a teacher with very unique and extremely effective methods and strategies which are fun, yet continually challenge me to see more than meets the eye. She has helped me to not only build a much stronger foundation that I need to help my business prosper, but she has also helped me conquer fears and challenges I didn’t even realize I had. Through this workshop, I have grown to understand my own business on a deeper level and I am in the process of opening the door instead of just looking through the keyhole at all that is possible for my practice. I am excited, invigorated, and Suzie makes me feel ultimately supported every step of the way.
— Karen Molina, Owner At Kakui Massage Therapy, Maui, HI
This seven week workshop with Suzie has been the best thing I could ever do for my business and for myself. Suzie has been able to create a safe space for me to allow my creativity to express itself and give birth to my business. Her caring nature, her kindness and enthusiasm brought me confidence and strength in what I was doing. She helped me to create from the heart and to stay connected with who I really am.
— Christelle Jorge, Owner At Yothera, Maui, HI