A Power ZEN Session To Catalyze Your Positive Life Changes, From The Inside Out!


10 To ZEN Experience sets your foundation for creating a mindful and minimalistic space. 

This simple 10-step spiritual ritual will help you tap into your inner organizer and clear your space once it begins to feel overcrowded and uncomfortable.  

  • Be mindful. Receive a space clearing and blessing to set your intention and invite good energy into your space.
  • Be open. A guided Journey Into ZEN Meditation opens your imagination to support a new compelling vision for your space. 

  • Be empowered to notice connections between your spaces and the areas or your life you like to see change.

  • Be free. Eliminate your clutter blocks, identify which of The 7 Clutter Blocks is holding you back from moving forward in life. 
  • Be confidently calm. Create new future outcomes by reducing stress, worry, anxiety and distractions from your space. 
  • Be inspired. Ditch the shame, it's time to feel good in your everyday environments again.

Power ZEN Experience (Part 2) Power through your clutter as we create new homes, zones, systems and spaces together; find what you need in under a minute.

  • Feel good about letting go of clutter by mastering The 3 ZEN Steps To Letting Go.
  • Feel abundant indulging in the creation of what you desire and deserve. 
  • Feel accomplished finishing what you start.
  • Feel blessed as we close The ZEN Experience with gratitude. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude allows us to cultivate more of what we authentically desire.