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Set A Powerful Intention For Your Space

And experience new ways to bring color and mindfulness into your everyday life.


In our everyday life we encounter people, places and things that can zap our energy. This can leave us feeling run down, tired and depleted which creates imbalances, within ourselves. When imbalances occur clutter can accumulate. To create a sustainable spaces and a healthy state of well being, we must eliminate the toxic things from our lives regularly; including the things we cannot see, such as energy.

Have you ever walked into a space where there was a recent argument? It can feel uncomfortable to walk into a space like this and can trigger stress and anxiety.

Have you ever walked into an attic, basement, antique store or somewhere where the is old, stagnant dust and things? With high levels of dust particles alone makes it hard to breathe in the spaces. These spaces can feel yucky and be a host to negative energies from the past.

When was the last time you walked into an environment where you felt an immediate sense of spaciousness, freedom and peacefulness? These spaces set our body, mind, spirit and hearts at ease. We feel comfortable to be ourselves and can leave us feeling inspired, uplifted and empowered.

The spaces in our lives can be powerfully supportive to our well being, if we are mindful of our surroundings and intentional with our creations.
— Suzie Sandoval, Founder of OrganiZEN®

ZENergie IS...

the infusion of color, intention of your mind, and energy in your heart, invited into a space.

  • Color can define the mood and experience of a space.
  • Being intentional with your environments accelerates your ability to manifest what you want to create from your space. 
  • Energy will purify your environments while uplifting all who enter your space.

In your ZENergie reading you will, 

  • Intuitively select your ZENergie Card.
  • Choose which home or office space to ZENergize.
  • Amplify what really matters to you with ZENergie cues.

There are many things in life that zap our energy.

Now is the time to get back in balance

and zap into your ZENergie.


Schedule your ZENergie Session, the first one is free.