The 7 Energies of Harmony 

The 7 Energies of Harmony is what we call, ZENergie. Based on my social experiments, personal and professional research on The Art, Science, Psychology and Spiritual Teachings of color, I discovered a mindful approach to using color to attract what you need most in life.


ZENergie is the synergy of color, intention and energy invited into a space.

  • Color can define the mood and experience of a space.
  • Being intentional with your environments accelerates your ability to manifest what you want to create from your space. 
  • Energy will purify your environments while uplifting all who enter your space.

There are many ways you can utilize ZENergie, here's one way to get started.

  1. To begin, choose a color or intention you'd like to set for a new space in your life.
  2. Review the 7 ZENergies to help you prioritize your need and the space that will support this need. Example: To support Vitality I'm going to set this intention for my kitchen. I want to organize my kitchen and create a space of vitality. Healthy foods and things will occupy this space to make it simple for me to live a healthy active lifestyle and generate positive life force energy.
  3. Next, decide which ZENergie and space you'd like to focus on to manifest a need in your life.
  4. Infuse your ZENergie color (can be your favorite tones of this color) into this space to create a visual cue of your intention. (Ex: A bowl of oranges is a great reminder in the kitchen that this is a mindful space of Vitality.)
  5. Now that you have infused ZENergie into your space, you will naturally begin to remove the items that do not serve this intention. 
  6. Become aware of when you notice this color in your life. Ask yourself:
  • "How is this color helping me amplify and attract Vitality in the ways I need most?
  • Wh at are my favorite ways to infuse this color into my space and my life? 

Have fun with this new tool for your ZEN Life Toolbox. Trust Your Process. Be Patient. There's much more to teach so practice this and I'll continue to share with you new ways to integrate ZENergie into your life so you can create mindful spaces and attract what you need when you need it most!

The color associated with Passion is Red.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.10.42 PM.png

The color associated with Vitality is Orange.


The color associated with Empowerment is Yellow.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.58.06 PM.png

The color associated with Peace is Green.


The color associated with Clarity is Blue.

The color associated with Love is Pink.

The color associated with Harmony is Purple.