Since 2010, Suzie has inspired and emboldened clients to declutter, organize, and rejuvenate their homes and offices for good. She brings a minimalist approach to optimize your time, space, and energy. Suzie also integrates Marie Kondo’s methods for sparking joy in your life.

The heart of Suzie's mission is a belief that organization does not have to be hard but instead can be an inspiring, empowering, and a creative expression, of who you truly are. Her signature OrganiZEN® methodologies get to the root of the problems and the heart of the matter. 

“Suzie’s services go beyond professional organizing. Her methods encompass teaching her clients how to overcome disorganization by making the connection between our psyche and the spaces we live in.” ~ Tammy Frias

"It was no question that Suzie's calling is to help her clients find freedom, whether it's spatially, spiritually, or organizationally.” ~Stephanie Tolonen



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OFFICE ZEN For Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs have an innate drive to succeed. But your ultimate success is determined by a variety of factors. 

In this presentation, you will learn the biggest secrets to creating an office space for success to see your business dreams come true. 

  • Discover the #1 THING that stops success-driven entrepreneurs everyday from actually BEING successful in their office space.

  • Learn the 3 pillars of decluttering that can make or break or success, depending on how you use them.

  • Break through your clutter blocks to get to the next level of success in your unique business.

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“Often we recognize the need for greater self-care and work life harmony but struggle slowing down and simplifying our complex lives. We exist in a highly stimulating world filled with stress, clutter, distractions, and noisy environments. It's easy to get pulled away from that which matters most to us.” ~ Suzie Sandoval, Holistic Transformation Coach

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"I've discovered that clutter IS one of the most effective triggers for catalyzing positive life transformation.

Clutter provides healing lessons and pathways to miraculous breakthroughs from subconscious and self sabotaging patterns of insanity.

Once the lessons are realized through mindful awareness the clutter becomes an effortless thing to let go of for good and will no longer cease to exist!" ~ Suzie Sandoval, Holistic Transformation Coach


A new mindset gives us freedom to create a new rejuvenating space. This brand new space allows you to prepare for new endeavors and create new possibilities in your life. You can create new spaces and possibilities as often as you choose to evoke.

I absolutely love organizing and intertwining ZEN principles into everyday environments to create rejuvenating spaces you love. I wish for everyone to experience the freedom, abundance, and joys, that come from living a conscious and clutter free lifestyle. ~ Suzie Sandoval, Holistic Transformation Coach


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  • Suzie is an Inspirational Speaker; repertoire includes:

School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences, Chakra Universe, University Of Phoenix, Portland State University, Dress For Success, Girls Inc., Crave Portland, Women With Moxie, The National Women's Holistic Lifestyle Institute, Rolodex PDX (Circle Up), Lasting Connections,  Empowering Grace, Momcology.


  • Suzie served as VP of Public Relations For Toastmasters at Laguna Beach.

Speaking, as most of us are aware, is one of the top fears humans have. As an experienced corporate trainer, I’ve had years of speaking presentations however it was me teaching my audiences from a headspace. When I started my own business and discovered my passion and purposeful messages to share with the world, it's became essential to speak from my get to the depth of what matters and be relevant, relatable and revolutionary for my audiences to receive the greatest opportunities for transformational healing.


  • Suzie served as a member of the Business Advisory Committee for University Of Phoenix. Selected from over 1 million alumni, Suzie contributed to the creation of a Master's program for Leaders and Entrepreneurship.

“Choosing to go back to college in my 30’s was the scariest decision of my life. I never ever considered becoming an entrepreneur. Six months into my college experience I became inspired to start my own business. By the time I graduated one of my fellow classmates became my first client. This monumental decision has completely changed the trajectory and course of my destiny. It’s where I birthed my business and became an entrepreneur.”

~ Suzie Sandoval, University Of Phoenix Graduate, Bachelor Of Science In Business Management

  • Suzie served as a Holistic Transformation Coach for Women's Plaza, focusing on transforming home and office environments, stress and anxiety relief practices, exquisite self love and spiritual self care habits, creating sacred spaces, and achieving work-life harmony.



Letting Go

“Helping women overcome the barriers of stress is especially welcome, as many of them struggle to balance their work lives, home commitments and personal time. Your vision, ‘to enhance your life by replacing chaos and clutter with mindful spaces and true life clarity; so that you live in harmony and spend your time on what matters most to you,’ was right on for our clients, as it would be for most women, I think.

Our members came away from your workshop determined to practice positive self-love and self-care practices each day, and to create a sacred space in their homes where they could be at peace. Comments on your workshop included:

• Best one yet!
• I absolutely loved this speaker! Great info!
• Suzie was really connected to meaningful priorities – that’s refreshing!
• I really appreciated the topic because I need to Declutter my life
• Suzie was personable and she’s got well-grounded, well thought out advice; she speaks to ‘every women’.
• This was a breakthrough for me. Bring her back.”

— Pamela Mason, Program Services Director, Dress for Success Oregon