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“It is inner stillness that will save and transform the world.”

– Eckhart Tolle

We forget to consciously breathe on a daily basis. Yet, it's our most valuable SUPER POWERS accessible to us the instant we need it. We all have the power to eliminate the fear, worry, anxiety and stress that exists within us...instantly; by simply breathing. We keep ourselves so busy that even with the best of intentions, we don't make it a priority to nurture our mental, emotional and spiritual selves. 

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"Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that spaces is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and freedom." 

~ Victor E. Frankl

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Calming our minds relaxes our bodies. This places us in a receptive state of well being. From this state of mindfulness we are empowered to make simple to significant decisions that can produce high potential future outcomes and results in our lives.

  • Decisions made from a stressful state of being = more stressful future outcomes.
  • Decisions made from a PEACEFUL state of being = more PEACEFUL future outcomes.
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In Eastern cultures, great significance is placed on mindful breathing techniques to support holistic health and wellness. Taking care of ourselves significantly improves how we experience our everyday circumstances, relationships and life.

We exercise our heart, muscles and our bodies, why not exercise our minds and spiritual selves? The power of our breath is the most overlooked and undervalued function we all have as human beings. It's the most convenient super power available to us accessible to us anytime, anywhere.

Only through experience, will you acquire the wisdom, insight and transformation to best be able to value, appreciate and understand for yourself.

By simply breathing, you can enjoy benefits which include:

  • Release Inner Stagnation
  • Purify Your Lungs
  • Stimulate Blood Circulation
  • Energize Heart Health
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Enhance Mental Health & Clarity
  • Detoxify Stress & Negativity
  • Cultivate Emotional Health
  • Boost Metabolism & Digestion
  • Harness & Harmonize Your Energy
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"Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day

is the rest we take between two deep breaths."

~ Etty Hillesum

Bottom line: By simply breathing consciously and consistently, we can create a solid foundation of inner peace, stability, groundedness and centeredness for ourselves.

When we are deeply rooted in who we are, we become the master  of consciously co-creating of our lives.

This significantly influences our behavior and responses to our everyday life and how we perceive unexpected circumstances. You will advance your abundance mindsets, and confident decision making abilities for creating high potential future outcomes in all aspects of your life. 

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"Simply breathe, has been my daily practice for over two years which has been instrumental in transforming my life, my relationships, connecting with my intuition, being courageous despite fearful circumstances and healing trauma, ptsd, anxiety and depression that caused me unbearable suffering from within.

I have experienced multiple forms of meditation for the past seven years and have discovered how essential daily breathing exercises are in my life.

The state of well being we experience at the beginning and ending of our day directly correlates to how we engage with what happens in between.

This makes simply breathe, an inspiring practice and an valuable skill for my high potential living toolbox. It brings me joy to breathe in union and unison"

~ Suzie Sandoval, Mindful Space Coach & Holistic Organizing Expert



CULTIVATE YOUR INNER PEACE, POWER AND participating in Simply Breathe; a 7 day breathing exercise challenge. Upon signing up, you will receive 7 powerful breathing exercises for the next 7 days. Each breathing exercise lasts 1-5 minutes so you can focus on creating a powerfully simple habit. You'll also receive daily inspiration and guidance to keep you focused and on the path to health, wellness and transformational success

Feeling Stuck? Need Support?


Creating mindful habits in our daily life requires focus and consistency. Without inspiration, accountability and guidance we can easily get off track, lose our momentum or quit altogether doing something that is super beneficial for our health and well being.

Finding the right meditation that inspires you, fits your schedule and delivers the benefits you are seeking can be a time consuming overwhelming process. Save time and allow me to guide you through the process of helping you cultivate a consistent practice of simply breathing in your everyday life.

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Set yourself up for simply breathing success! Choose your ZEN Scent, each of these 7 all natural essential oil blends are blessed with mindful intentions correlating to your inner needs and body healing system, as known as your Chakras.

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  • Calm chaos.
  • Elevate your mood.
  • Enliven your well being.
  • Support chakra balance and vitality.
  • Uplift your mind, body, spirit and your space.

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Poetry By Suzie Sandoval

So here's a cheer, 

This time for you,

To step into your magic

And create space for the new.


A refreshing essence, 

Reminding you,

Of the powerful presence,

you exude.


It's simple magic in a bottle, 

To prepare you for your next endeavor,

Spritz your bliss,

It's time to go full throttle.

Your infusion of ZEN,

A wondrous moment to be,

It's about to begin,

All you have to do is breathe.


Relax your mind, assure your worries,

Relieve yourself of stress and anxiety,

Slow down for a moment and simply breathe.


Simply breath each day,

A powerful practice to start now,

Exercising your mind to learn to calm down.


Find your peace,

Open yourself up to receptivity,

Discover epic, newfound clarity,

Ahhh, remember to just breathe.


Flow in harmony,

You will begin to see,

How to turn on your super power

and tune into your magic, joy and love energy.