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“Success always comes when preparation and opportunity meet."

~ Henry Hartman




your life's work is best curated with creativity, confidence & consciousness!

your life's work is best curated with creativity, confidence & consciousness!

CREATe epic spaceS FOR monetizing your brilliance.

CREATe epic spaceS FOR monetizing your brilliance.

feel good, function and flow as your optimized self.

feel good, function and flow as your optimized self.


  • 7 OrganiZEN® Sessions

  • Foundations For Success


  • 4 OrganiZEN® Sessions

  • Structure For Success


  • 12 OrganiZEN® Sessions

  • Elevate Success


  • Your Core Message

  • Your Business Personality

  • Your Dream Team

  • Your Raving Fans

  • Your Visibility Strategy

  • Your Financial Freedom

  • Your 90 Success Plan


  • Your Ideal Work Space And Lifestyle

  • Decluttering And Organizing Solutions

  • Your Paper And Work Flow Systems

  • Your Success Plan

  • Follow Up Session For Sustainable Success




  • Your Highest Potentials

  • Your Top Priorities

  • Your Work Life Schedule

  • Your Productivity Tools

  • Your Organizing Systems

  • Your Business Processes

  • Your Community Resources

  • Your Sustainable Self Care


"Suzie is outstanding! She doesn't just come in to help you get organized she creates long lasting systems! In addition provides professional development to assure the system lasts." ~ Melissa Bloom, CEO at Event In Bloom

“Working with OrganiZEN® was one of the smartest things I've done for my business.” Suzie is so smart, delightful and intuitive--and she really understands what's going on both in your space and in your mind... She offered solutions that were very easy to implement and “my "new" space has helped get me out of my own way. It's a pleasure to step into my office each morning and I work faster and more efficiently than ever” thanks to making the changes that Suzie recommended. If you want to “feel more productivity, ease and joy in your home office, working with Suzie is the way to get it. ~ Madeleine Eno, CEO at In the right place

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"Suzie helped me create and refine my own personal strategy to organize my business and workspace. Everything from managing client notes, to online files, to creating an office space that provides consistent creative inspiration, Suzie does it all! Best of all, she collaborates with you and always has your highest good in mind. I cannot recommend Suzie's services highly enough!" ~ Danielle Ross, CEO at Brand You Business

"I have been using Suzie's Sandoval’s 'Organize Your Brilliance ~ Radical Productivity Tool and find it a critical part to keeping me on track with my different businesses. It is a very helpful tool to see what I need to do in the short-term and long-term. I update it weekly and it is easy to use as well as makes sense with regards to the flow of the work week and personal activities. I highly recommend that you have Suzie with OrganiZEN help you get you organized and on track. She is very personable and really understands how to help you set up your schedule." ~ Stephanie Arnheim, Managing Director at E-Women Network & Founder at Stephanie Connects