VISION FREEDOM: How To Manifest Compelling, High Potential Future Outcomes.

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 “When you have passion and a clear vision for your purpose in life, it becomes simpler to free yourself of clutter and let go of things you thought you once needed.” 

~ Suzie Sandoval, Holistic Organizing Expert


Manifest Compelling High Potential Future Outcomes In Your Life

  • Do you have a clear and compelling vision for your future? If not, you’ve got Vision Clutter.

  • Learn how to a create mindful space to amplify an innovative well-being. Go beyond your imagination and tune into your natural flow states for manifesting destiny.

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  • Have you ever experienced an incredibly difficult time in your life where you wanted to wish yourself into a new circumstance?

  • How often did you spend time focusing on the negative of what you were experiencing?

  • Did you figure out how to make new change happen?

At a very early age, a negative belief was implanted in my identity and took me nearly two and a half decades to let go. It was a belief that continued to create negative circumstances and the illusion that I was powerless to make positive changes. (Click here to listen to my, "Finding ZEN" story.)

Growing up, I experienced a multi-abusive childhood where I often found myself wishing I could change my circumstances. I felt alone and I didn't know how to turn my negative circumstances around. To escape the chaos, I developed a big imagination. I didn’t know at the time, that this practice would later set the foundation for my visionary abilities, which allowed me to become a powerful life changing manifestor.

Often times being around adults I'd be steered into practical thinking; the "safe and responsible way" of living. This pleased the adults and authoritative figures in my life when I listened. This practicality mentality was continually ingrained thereafter.

By junior high school, my perfectionism would show up in art classes, I grew to not like my own creations and this became a reinforcement of practicality, rather than spending time exploring my creative imagination. Believing in practicality over daydreaming supported a level of conformity, scarcity and survival tactics for living. I had bought into the belief that dreamers are unrealistic, irresponsible and unreliable. By the time I graduated from high school, I like many others, felt pressured as to, "what I was going to do with my life". I had absolutely no clue!

As I grew into adulthood my focus was to find a job I could make into a lifelong career only to check that big endeavor off the list and move on to other aspects I wanted to be successful in. 

By my mid 20's, I began to experience success and my visionary abilities began to come alive. Despite climbing up the ladder of success and reaching great heights in my career, I wasn’t happy and I couldn’t figure out why. This led to a spiritual crisis where I found myself re-evaluating my life and my future. Though I didn’t know it at the time this crisis had become a catalyst for re-connecting with my inner gifts and visionary abilities.

I began working with an energy healer and ZEN therapist for four years on a weekly basis. Her work was all about, "Healing Into Wholeness" which was the name of her business. She guided me through transformational work with new visualization exercises and healing modalities. I began to notice my mind expanding in new ways and I enjoyed allowing myself to freely imagine from an inner space. I was allowing myself to think big even if I didn’t believe it. I was imagining beyond my practical mind and it was making me feel better the more I practiced over time. 

Most importantly, I was reconnecting with my creative and imaginative mind and realizing how powerful visualization is and how good I felt afterwards. As I was diving deeper into how manifesting our reality works, I was able to see the importance of the visionary process in manifesting new creations and new space.

I learned that exercising our visual minds, with imagination, dreaming, meditation and visualization practices actually harnesses the powers from the inside out. This is how we become empowered to change our negative circumstances and free ourselves of the clutter that is holding us back.

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"If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable,

you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise." 

- Robert Fritz

vision clutter


  • Blocked connection with an image, belief or idea of a desired future.

  • Blocked inspiration, passion or a sense of purpose for a desired future.

  • Blockages are formed by hidden and suppressed thoughts, beliefs and emotions such as shame, not enough-ness, grief, anger, fear, worry, anxiety, sadness and depression.


Vision clutter is a form of a creative expression block. People who experience vision clutter are living in a survival mentality, an imprisonment of limited thinking and beliefs, while being disconnected or out of alignment with one's heart and soul.  This triggers separation, an illusion that distracts one's attention from that which they need most. It is what makes us feel "insane - same actions, same circumstances" or "stuck on the hamster wheel" and don't know how to get off.

Often times there is an imbalance of thinking. The left brain is overactive and the right brain inactive. A person experiences over thinking and is disconnected from their heart space. When this happens, vision clutter is prevalent in our minds and manifests in our physical everyday spaces.


  • Causes an inability to make decisions and take inspired action with courage, clarity and confidence.

  • Arises when we are constantly ‘doing’ things out of obligation rather than inspiration.

  • Disconnects us from mind clarity and our intuitive decision making abilities.



You need to free yourself from the mind clutter and find your Vision Freedom by exercising your visionary ability, your big imagination muscles.

Here are the biggest challenges I see my clients face when it comes to clearing their visionary clutter.

1. Having an open mind. Taking time to clear their mind of distractions and being open to imaginative thinking beyond what is considered realistic. In our modern age, we are overstimulated with energy, noise and things. It becomes difficult to slow down and be present to cultivate an open, uncluttered mind.

2. Carving out time to dream and imagine. Too often, when we are in survival mentality it seems silly to dream and imagine. It feels unproductive, so we don't do it. This is detrimental to cultivating a creative imagination, to think 'outside of the box' and go beyond logic.

3. Staying focused on what matters. We spend more time focusing on what we don’t want to happen and less time imagining ideal or even outlandish outcomes. When you catch yourself thinking or saying something negative about a future outcome, challenge yourself to think of something outlandishly imaginative instead. Have fun playing with your thoughts. Too often we attach to our thoughts too soon or question or reject our thoughts. We forget that we hold the power to agree or disagree with our thoughts at any time.

When difficult circumstances arise we become challenged to greater levels to balance our thoughts with an open mind. When stress, pressure, worry, anxiety and fear creep in, the distractions sabotage our ability to think clearly and the negative focus begins to manifest the very circumstances that we are wanting to avoid.



Be Mindful With Reflective Questions

  • Can you think of a challenging circumstance that you are working through currently or has recently arisen?

  • Can you imagine an ideal outcome to this circumstance?

  • Now can you go bigger with this ideal outcome?

  • Can you now go absurdly bigger with this outcome?

  • Can you let go of needing an immediate result from this experience?

  • Notice how you feel imagining this outcome as if the outcome is happening right now.

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