MENTAL FREEDOM: How To Organize Your Brilliance While Calming Your Mind

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"Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, You words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny."

~ Mahatma Gandhi


Organizing Your Brilliance While Calming Your Mind

  • Do you have a technique which can instantly bring you mental calm, sharp focus and clarity

  • Learn how to create a mindful space for a peaceful well-being.


How confident are you in making essential life decisions for yourself? 

Do you make these decisions primarily from your head or your heart,

or is it a combination of both?

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  • Did you know that we make nearly 35,000 remotely conscious decisions daily, that shape our future life?

  • Do you believe that when your mind is at peace, you can make the best decisions for your life now and in the future?

As stimulating as it is to feed our minds up with inspiration, information and ideas, it's essential we balance our mental stimulation by expressing our thoughts often.

Expressing our thoughts - rather than holding them in or not having time to process our thoughts - allows us the ability to process the stimulation we are engaging with. Expressing thoughts allows us to better understand ourselves and the world we live in.

This form of mental output is what creates connection and belonging with people who relate to our unique forms of creative expression. It can be a vulnerable experience to exercise our freedom in creative and authentic expression of our thoughts with others however, these are the experiences that allow us to live life fully, connected and to our highest potentials. 

Carving out time for mindfulness is key to accessing our highest future potential possibilities. Living from our highest potentials is not a passive experience. 

Too often our thoughts, our words, our false perceptions and beliefs prevent us from living to our highest potentials and personal fulfillment. Let's dive deeper into Mental Freedom to better understand how you can organize your brilliance and eliminate what's cluttering your mind.

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.” 

― Buddha


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  • A collection of thoughts (floating energy, like clouds) inside of our minds.

  • A veil of energy that clouds, consumes and constricts our mental intelligence.

  • A distraction from knowing the truth of who we are.

  • Obscures our ability to see our life circumstances from a higher perspective.


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People who... 

  • are creative.

  • are over thinkers and highly analytical.

  • have high levels of responsibility.

  • lack a daily meditation practice.

  • are surrounded by chaotic environments.

  • are physically inactive.

  • are incessently busy and find it difficult to slow down.

  • are unable to express their thoughts out loud in some way (keeps real self hidden inside).

  • experience dis-ease symptoms in their minds (headaches, migraines, etc.)


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To answer this question we must take a close look at what we are feeding our minds on a daily basis.

  • What are you feeding your mind that contributes to your indecision, stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, burnout, headaches, and migraines?





1. Think of things that stimulate your mind (with energy and thoughts) such as: 

  • Movies

  • Magazines

  • Conversations

  • Books

  • Visual Stimulation

  • Being exposed to the energy of our technology (cell phones, printers & digital anything)

  • Absorbing Online Content

  • Social Media

  • Entertainment

  • News

  • Music

  • TV Shows


Do you check in with your thoughts after you've spent time on activities such as social media, watching the news or music? Begin to notice if your thoughts tend to be more negative or positive focused after a particular activity. Pay attention to your mood as well. Watching news for hours on end will most likely trigger a plethora of negative thoughts that have you focusing on things that are outside of your control and send subliminal messages to you that you are powerless.

PRO - TIP It took me some time to form this new mindfulness habit but I began by asking myself, "what is my intention or need that I'm wanting a particular activity to fulfill, prior to engaging with it?" 

For example, when I identified my need to feed my mind with motivation and encouragement, I would then choose something that would align with getting my needs met. Most often we settle for what is rather than identifying our needs and taking action towards being intentional to get those needs met.

Take an assessment in each of the categories above, what do you need to detox from your everyday habits to eliminate mind clutter?

2. How do you spend your time digesting the content being absorbed in your mind?

  • Contemplation Time

  • Audio / Video Diaries

  • Yoga

  • Nature Time

  • Meditation

  • Working Out

  • Journaling

  • Writing

Being incessantly busy provides a false sense of self importance. It can be extremely challenging for people to slow down to digest and be with their thoughts. It can be a painful, overwhelming experience. When we are incessantly busy we tend to be (highly) reactive rather than proactive in life. Being busy helps avoid the mind clutter temporarily but over time busyness turns into burnout, isolation and unhappiness.

For sustainable mental freedom, it's essential we carve out time in our lives to digest the content we're absorbing in our minds. 

Can you think of a time you were listening to someone talk at you but not with you? They talked and talked and talked but it seemed like they were talking just to talk? People with high amounts of mind clutter, tend to ramble and focus on unimportant things in conversation. They miss opportunities to connect with the people in their lives because they are so focused and consumed by their thoughts it becomes difficult to engage outwardly in meaningful ways.

In a little as 5 minutes a day, cultivating a habit to digest your thoughts in solitude will allow you to create mental stability, peace and freedom. Imagine how your life would be different if you were grounded everyday with mental stability?

3. How do you spend your time expressing your thoughts?

  • Music

  • Writing

  • Painting

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Poetry

  • Meaningful Conversations

  • Other

Are you someone who keeps your thoughts to yourself? It can be an incredibly vulnerable experience to express our truths and unique perspectives on life with other people. However, this is essential for human connection, community and collaboration. Too often our true thoughts are hidden inside our selves, in secrecy, which prevents ourselves and others from getting to know who we truly are.

What is one or more ways you'd like to begin expressing your thoughts creatively? Be sure to block time in your schedule to prioritize time to express your thoughts.


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“Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Too often we attach to thoughts that aren't true or effective in helping us focus on an abundant mindsets.

Scarcity (fear based) thoughts are a massive distraction that costs us time, relationships and sabotage a healthy well being. Not to be mistaken that these thoughts won't arise, it's what we chose to focus our attention on that determines if we are giving our power to scarcity or abundant mindsets. Why is this important? Well, if you want to shift from living in survival mentality to living with an abundant mentality, your actions come from your way of thinking. 

For example: If you think you will never meet that right person, find your passion, make your dreams come true, then you are right. Your life circumstances will continue to validate your thoughts.

Now, if you shift into letting go of understanding "how" things are going to happen and focus on cultivating an abundant mindset along with faith and trust, you will begin to allow things to happen in your life that are alignment with your natural flow of abundance. You will be creating new future outcomes for your life. Choose to believe and seek to understand, their is a higher force of divine favor always supporting you in your life journey, regardless of how your circumstances might seem.

Refer to this list to assess whether you are attaching to abundant or scarcity / survival mentalities.















  • LIFE














  • WAR



PRO-TIP When you are experiencing scarcity mindsets, ask yourself...

  • What is this circumstance teaching me to help support my growth?

  • What is the best outcome that could result from this circumstance?

  • What is t his circumstance helping me to see what I'm thankful for in my life?


“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” ~ Tony Robbins

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Are your environments providing you with visual cues that spark your abundant mindset? The physical clutter in our environments is an outward reflection of our inner subconscious thoughts. Our spaces are subconsciously supporting mental freedom or sabotaging it.

For example,

  • When you open up your closet, are you receiving visual cues that tell you how beautiful or handsome you are?

  • When you enter your kitchen, does it tell you, "I'm here to provide you with all the healthy nourishment you need today."

  • When you step into your office do you see things that make you feel successful and accomplished?

Visual cues allow us to replace unconscious impulses with conscious messages, do you have visual cues in your home or office that remind you of your intentions for that particular space? Integrating visual cues in our physical spaces allows us to stay focused on exercising our mental resilience.

The people, places and things we surround ourselves with affect our mental freedom.

  • Are you constantly around people who are negative thinkers and unhappy?

  • Do you consider yourself to be a people pleaser, highly influenced by others people's thoughts and opinions?

  • Are the things in your home sending you negative disempowering messages?

We'll cover People Freedom in a future blog but everything we surround ourselves with influences our mental freedom. Taking the time to assess the people, places and things in your life that are negative and sabotaging your peace of mind is vital to developing abundance mindsets. Who and what do you need to detox from your life to support your positive mental well being?


Create a habit of actively listening to yourself express your thoughts.

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Years ago, I reached self improvement burnout. Feeling unworthy most of my life and not good enough for others, led to years of devoting myself to transformational self improvement teachings. 

One night I was fed up with journaling, I didn't want to do it. Yet, I needed to express my thoughts. It was late at night there was no one to call, it was me, myself, my thoughts and I. 

Finally, a new idea presented itself. I decided to make a video diary for myself. I began to record from my cell phone videos of thoughts from some of my happiest times and darkest times. Because I knew I was making these videos for myself and I could watch them and delete them whenever I wanted I felt safe to express my thoughts unfiltered and judgement free.

Making these video diaries allowed me to  express and observe my thoughts and ideas, without trying to impress anyone or try to get anyone's approval. I was able to allow myself to be in a space of vulnerability and speak my truth. When I listened and watched myself I was able to hold compassionate space for what I was experiencing as I was contemplating my thoughts out loud.

We aren't taught in life how to cultivate a positive relationship with ourselves. It's always about cultivating a relationship with others. Yet, creating a loving relationship with ourselves requires spending time alone, with ourselves, and learning how to appreciate, value and enjoy this sacred time.

To this day I continue to record video and audio diaries (from my phone) to help me process my thoughts in alternative ways.

Years later, I was working with a client who we suffering from life burnout and mind clutter. She was working 60+ hours a week, spent little time with her spouse and family, lost touch with her friends and her self.

Her mind would whizz at such a fast pace, whenever I would first encounter her it would be an overwhelming experience. Her work environment was incredibly chaotic and she had an extremely difficult time slowing down and tuning into a peaceful well being.

Often times in private sessions together, she would share her frustrations and challenges with her high stress work life and lack of work life harmony. As we assessed her work flow, habits and mindsets it was clear to see the patterns that were sabotaging her peace. Yet, when we would talk about the self defeating patterns and observations, her mind was filled with so much clutter and distractions it was difficult for her to focus and concentrate in conversation for very long. This made it extremely difficult for her to hear herself and be aware of her sabotaging, scarcity mindsets that were perpetuating her work life insanity.

I remember my inner voice saying, "If she could just hear herself with awareness, she'd realize how she is contributing to this."

It was then I recommended a new 7 day challenge for her to begin clearing her mental clutter and cultivate a new mental freedom practice. I gave her a choice to record either video or audio diaries daily for 7 days consecutively.

Upon committing to this 7 day challenge, it was visibly noticeable to see my clients face lighter and brighter as she expressed new levels of awareness as her mindsets were shifting.

She expressed how she struggled a bit to get motivated to begin but once she did she began to look forward to her authentic self expression time. She said that she felt like she discovered a new way for her to unwind and unload her mind. 

One of the insights she shared with me was how grateful she was to found a simple tool that could connect her with her own inner wisdom. 


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Take The 7 Day Organize Your Brilliance Challenge.

Recored an audio or video diary (and listen to yourself) for 7 days consistently.


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