This 50 minute session is virtual, live and hands on. Create a clutter free space with expert guidance and support. Discover newfound freedom, confidence, and clarity from within, by letting go of what no longer serves you. 

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Experience Immediate Clutter Relief

Watch stress and anxiety immediately melt away in this private power session. You'll instantaneously feel the effects of decluttering your space. Get ready for The Ultimate Instantaneous Gratification Experience!

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Create a space that feels good, functions and flows

We are at our best when our everyday spaces support our highest potential. Let's recreate the space where you spend the most time rooted in positive feelings, effective functionality, and effortless growth. 

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Find what you're looking for in under a minute

Our on-the-go lifestyles require us to create systems and zones for our everyday items. This private power session will make you aware of current systems that work and those that require minor tweaks.

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"I am amazed at how one session with Suzie has impacted my world. Her ideas make sense. I am energized in my organizen experience! One that has only just begun."
~ Laurie Roberge, Preparing for retirement
"As a busy working mom, I had a few spaces in my home that needed some organizing. Not only did Suzie help me organize the spaces, but she helped me to implement a system to KEEP them organized. She asked key questions to come up with a system that works for my thought process and my lifestyle."
~ Elaine Kozloski, National Corporate Trainer 
"I have spent more years worrying about getting organized then doing anything about it because it was so overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start! Suzie helped me go through years of piled up paperwork and created a dining room where my son and I could finally sit and dine together. Suzie has helped me to get motivated and enjoy my new space, which also gives me more time with my 5-year-old son!"
~ Aura Belle Prue, Single Working Mother
"Suzie Sandoval has a unique and amazing ability to see the potential for order in a situation or environment that may feel chaotic. I have utilized her expertise in both personal and professional (office) organization projects and her help and support have been invaluable. In addition to helping establish organizational systems that really work, Suzie also provides the necessary training and support to maintain these systems long term. The results to me and my business have been profound. I highly recommend Suzie Sandoval and her OrganiZEN services to anyone who is ready to build a structure for greater success in life and business."
~ Delila Olson, Founder at Wize Communications

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