Soul ZEN Angel Card Making

A 2 - hour creatively enlightening workshop experience

Your Soul Speaks It’s Time To Listen

  • Creating soulful gatherings for meaningful connections through Angel card making art, collaging, creativity, storytelling, and envisioning experiences, in a safe and sacred space.

  • Be guided beyond your surface circumstances to deeply understanding the truths of who you are, your soul lessons, and divine purpose.

  • Elevate your Self Awareness by discovering the archetypes you aspire to identify with.

  • Clear love and abundance energy blocks for good by awakening your unconscious mind, integrating your shadow self, and dispelling self sabotaging beliefs, habits, and behaviors.

You have an infinite amount of wisdom stored within you.

Learn how to communicate with the language of your soul.


Creating Your Soul ZEN Angel Cards

See The Gallery Of Samples Below


“Soul ZEN is the most unique, eye opening, and relevant method of self- inquiry that I have ever experienced. Suzie masterfully and patiently guides you through this powerful work without judgment or pressure. I believe the applications for Soul ZEN are limitless! It has helped me to ask myself the right questions, and gives me a perspective into my life and my heart that I have never before experienced. It feels better than therapy and deeper than a conversation with your closest friend. It is compatible with any faith, and you will crave coming back again and again for more Soul ZEN experiences. That’s what Soul ZEN is- an experience that will provide long lasting insight into your heart’s desires and fears, and can help you transform the areas in your life that you are seeking balance and power in.”

~ Kara

“Suzie is a wonderful instructor; her enthusiasm and compassion truly shines from within as she guides others along this journey of self-awareness. I love everything about Soul ZEN; the process, the creation, the manifestation of the cards themselves. I love them because they were created for me, by me. I use them every day; I am truly grateful for the insights that my cards help to bring into my conscious awareness.”

~ Melissa