Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


1. Do I really need to hire a holistic organizer?

Suzie Sandoval leverages her experiences, education and expertise to help you achieve results that endure long after your sessions are completed.  With her expertise you can expect to:

  • Eliminate excess, maximize space and en(joy) a new sense of freedom and spaciousness.

  • Develop organizing skills and habits to simplify your life and streamline inefficiencies.

  • Eradicate unnecessary spending habits such as: replacing lost items, late bill fees and last minute retail price purchases.

  • Find what you need in less than a minute.

  • Let go of clutter-induced stress, fear, shame, guilt, worry and anxiety.

  • Start and end your day feeling energized by your everyday spaces.

  • Feel liberated and motivated to achieve your organizing goals.

  • Establish a home for everything; everyone knows where everything goes.

  • Discover organizing systems and solutions that will make your life unbelievably simpler.

2. How much client involvement is in OrganiZEN’s process?

Suzie works with clients to deliver exceptional results. The secret to lasting change is client involvement. The more the client is involved, the more an organizing expert can cost-effectively cater to the client’s unique needs. This method creates synergy achieving greater overall client satisfaction in the long run.

3. Will OrganiZEN® make me throw away all my belongings?

No, forcing you to rid your belongings when you are not ready or willing is not effective.  You are always in charge of making the ultimate decision that is right for you.  Suzie will ask questions and make observations to help you identify the best solution for you.

4. What is the timeframe for the work?

The length of each project depends upon each clients commitment level, decision making process and the scope of the work. Suzie works with your busy schedules to help you create a personal strategy that will help you reach your organizing goals.

5. How much will I have to spend?

The more important question is “how much is clutter costing me"  and "how much am I wasting due to my disorganized lifestyle?” The  return on investment is easily recouped through the savings achieved by living and/or working efficiently in an organized space. "For every minute spent organizing an hour is earned"  ~ Benjamin Franklin. Think of the time you will save being able to find what you need when you need it. Think of the sanity you will save from not having to fight or nag about clutter related things. 

Now, imagine how your life would be different if you felt organized, conscious and clutterfree?  Sessions have been created to provide you with valuable, efficient and effective solutions, and the best services to meet your needs.  If you have budget concerns please let Suzie know and she can provide you with her best recommendation based on your budget and organizing goals.

7. I’m embarrassed to show you my mess. Should I clean up before you see it?

There is absolutely no need to straighten up before I see your space. I am non-judgmental and am not looking at your stuff in the same way you see it. I bring a fresh new perspective for creating a new space you love. I have dedicated my career to helping individuals like you declutter their home and office spaces and have seen TONS of messy spaces (probably much more cluttered than you could imagine). The project will go a lot smoother the more honest you are with your struggles. Keep in mind, I cannot develop a solution for you unless I fully understand the problem. 

9. I’m comparing your prices to another professional organizing company and am considering hiring someone who is less expensive. How do I know which organizer to hire?

If you are seeking the ‘cheapest’ deal, then I’m not the right professional organizer for you. Remember the adage, “You get what you pay for.” If you are looking for the BEST VALUE for your dollar, then OrganiZEN® will be worth the investment you make and will pay dividends in being done right the first time.  It is also important for you to understand that professional organizing is a creative industry and is NOT assembly-line style production work. Therefore, the faster you work, doesn’t mean the more you get done. Since organizing is a creative process, please understand we aren’t going to ‘rush’ to organize your space as fast as we can. When projects are rushed, creativity is lost. 

10. How do you set your rates?

My rates are set according to my expertise. When I am not working hands-on with you, I spend my valuable time doing industry research, attending workshops, testing products, reading countless books and piloting new tools to best solve YOUR clutter and disorganization challenges. It has taken me YEARS and has cost me tens of thousands of dollars and valuable time to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. I work diligently to remain one of the best in my industry. Therefore my rates reflect my extensive organizing knowledge and skills.

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~Suzie Sandoval, Holistic Organizer