Local Business Featured in Phoenix Focus

Nationwide publication features OrganiZEN® founder just in time for global launch


Suzie Sandoval, the locally based founder of OrganiZEN®, was interviewed by the Senior Editor of the Phoenix Focus for an in-depth article chronicling her achievements since graduating from the University of Phoenix. It is slated to run in their April issue and will be available both in print form and online.

Sandoval was invited to share her story from a pool of over 770,000 people and was very excited about the opportunity. When asked she spoke highly of the publication, mentioning that she loved to read it herself as both a student and alumni. She also finds the magazine a source of inspiration and continues to utilize it in training; multiple issues have shown up on vision board presentations that she has given.

The article is a fantastic achievement for the local businesswoman who expects the positive press to be an excellent contributor for her business website’s global launch later this month. Her business, OrganiZEN®, is focused on bringing order to the chaotic lifestyle of the modern man and woman so she joked a little about the symmetrical nature of the article and the launch. “This couldn’t have come at a better time” said the ecstatic entrepreneur.

About Suzie Sandoval

Sandoval takes pride in her optimistic approach to everyday living. Her drive to make the most of every moment is a motivational story. She spent the last 14 years of her life as a heartfelt passion seeker before discovering her drive in life; to be a catalyst in people's lives to, "Making M.A.G.I.C. happen...Motivate Achieve Grow Inspire Change". She focuses her energy on helping people discover the habits they need to lead an organized life. Her greatest reward is in the success of others.

About OrganiZEN®

Established in beautiful Portland, Oregon in 2010, OrganiZEN® is a business focused on the individual finding peace of mind through organizational skills. Sandoval explained it by stating, “The more you know about yourself the more you understand what makes you tick. The goal of OrganiZEN® is to create a system that is tailored to your learning and behavioral style and to teach habits that will assist the client on eliminating stress and clutter both internally and externally”.  The business currently has served hundreds of clients on the West Coast. Nationwide expansion is planned this year with a global presence online at

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