ClutterFREEDOM Virtual 50 min session

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Minimalist Apartment.jpg

ClutterFREEDOM Virtual 50 min session

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This 50 minute session is virtual, but hands on, for immediate clutter relief. In this power hour, you will:

  • Create a compelling vision for your space
  • Develop a 30 Day Organizing Action Plan
  • Get started immediately to reach your organizing goals
  • Immediately remove what no longer serves your space
  • Learn how to let go with peace and confidence
  • Implement intuitive systems to promote ease and flow
  • Experience a clutterfree space. There's NO GOING BACK!
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"As a busy working mom, I had a few spaces in my home that needed some organizing. Not only did Suzie help me organize the spaces, but she helped me to implement a system to KEEP them organized. She asked key questions to come up with a system that works for my thought process and my lifestyle." ~ Elaine Kozloski, National Corporate Trainer 

"I am amazed at how one session with Suzie has impacted my world. Her ideas make sense. I am energized in my organizen experience! One that has only just begun." ~ Laurie Roberge, Preparing for retirement

"I came into our session feeling stuck. Suzie guided me through a process of separating the issues so that I can have a vision of where I'm actually heading and that I'm right on track in the process! The internal clutter is getting peeled away to help clear the external clutter." ~ Kim,  Operations Manager

“Suzie’s services go beyond professional organizing. Her methods encompass teaching her clients how to overcome disorganization by making the connection between our psyche and the spaces we live in.” ~ Tammy Frias, Small Business Owner